About Gaetano

I was born in the new town of Pompeii on 2nd September , 1963. My father Ciro was a Pompeii tour guide from 1955 to 2007, as well as his father Gaetano senior who was also a Pompeii guide from 1935 to 1977.
I am a third generation Pompeii tour guide.

I still remember very well my first time in the ruins, it was my grandfather’s gift for my 9 year old birthday. I was so fascinated by the site and by my grandfather’s story telling.
Since that moment I spent most of my school holidays in the ruins following my father and grandfather’s tours. It was the job that I have dreamt of doing in my life.

At 19 years I achieved the license to be an official guide.

Now in 2016 it has been 35 years that I have worked as a Pompeii tour guide with the same energy and passion as ever!
Through the years, I have tried to improve my job creating different tours, itineraries and explanations, all made with a bit of theatricality in a way to involve everyone in an unforgettable and unique experience.

In Pompeii I had the pleasure of meeting and guiding several journalists amd VIP.
I like to remember the program I made starring the British television BBC star from ” DR. Who ” with the actor David Tennant.

The most memorable and pleasant person I have met in my carreer was in 1993 Mr. Rick Steves, very famous travel writer and public television host.
When Mr. Steves toured Pompeii with me, it was his 4th time, having been previously with different other guides.

I showed him Pompeii in my own way!
At the end of our tour, Mr. Steves being the experienced travel writer that he is, described in few words me and my tour:
“Gaetano brings energy, intensity and theatricality to his tours. He’s a joy to follow for two hours as he brings the dusty ruins to life.”

Great history needs a great teller